Monday, July 7, 2014

Friendship: The different types that bloom into a beautiful bouquet

There are different types of friendships that we will come across in our life time. There are two types of friendships.

1. There are friendship soul-mates (friend, not just husband) with whom we share everything.  (Elizabeth and Mary)

2. Friendships will change with the seasons of our life. We are naturally drawn to other women who face the same issues and share the same dreams. (Ruth and Naomi)

Mary and Elizabeth were soul-mate friends.  They share intimate (spiritual/faith) details with each other. Mary didn't just share her visitation of the Angel with just anyone, but a friend that soul was the same as her's.  After Mary had her visitation with the Angel she walked far to share it with a  person who understood and believed in the same teachings.  They both loved God.  Friendship is best when we trust our God and follow His teachings and we step out on faith and trust our friend. Mary's journey to Elizabeth was not a few hours but a few days.  To sustain a healthy friendship, we need to make an effort to foster the relationship.  Sometimes it means a daily check-in, sometimes a weekly, or monthly, check-in but like any other relationship, friendships must be watered to bloom.  When Mary came to Elizabeth she was overjoyed.  Elizabeth didn't question Mary but, in returned encouraged her. That encouragement is what Mary needed.  It was the food for her soul.  Because of that encouragement Mary stayed with Elizabeth and helped her in her own needs.

Ruth and Naomi were two completely different people. There was the difference in language, age, and culture for them both. But they were in the same season of life.  They were both grieving for the lost of their loved ones. Ruth loved Naomi and at that point in Ruth's season she needed something.  She knew that Naomi could help her through her season. That is where it all began. Love, the simplicity of love! That love Ruth had cultivated a loving relationship with Naomi. It opened Ruth's grieving heart, to love again. God gives us people who are good for us, sometimes it can be open that we would never have chosen ourselves. God can turn around tragic situations through the friendship and support of our friends. True friendship takes consistent investments of time. Naomi took investment into Ruth's life. She took time to encourage her and speak into her life. On the other hand Ruth was open to listening and gleaning from Naomi. Ruth was willing to give up the past to go forward with Naomi. In their new season of life they clung to each other for support and friendship. 


Monday, June 30, 2014


We have become a society that if it is not all about "me" then the relationship has no value to us. But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. Galatians 5:16  We need to start thinking about what a friend is and apply it to our friendships.

When I think about what a friend it I think upon the fruit of the spirit. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; Galatians 5: 22-23   I want to be that person that loves those around me.  That is full of joy to those around me.  The person that is patience when with her friends when sometimes things are not going right or what I may feel is right.  May I be gentle and understanding in times of need for my friends. Able to have self- control in moments that may make me become unglued. Faithful to keep those the secrets and heartfelt talks to myself when a friend is venting. And last may my kindness to like fruit to her soul.  Lifting her up in a time of need.

Friendship can only grown and be cultivated when we live by these things. A friend is one who you can be yourself with and never fear that she will judge you. A friend is someone that you can confide in with complete trust. A friend is someone you respect and that respects you. The friendship not based upon worthiness but based upon a likeness of mind and heart.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day: We need more than one mom

I never understood how you could have so many moms.  I have friends that would call friends mom's mom. Or when we started going to our church now that everyone would call the Pastor's wife, or different leaders mom.  I now understand that we need more than just one mom in our life. Each woman in your life has a different mom quality that you need in your life. They each will teach your different things that you need to live out your life.

My mom, the woman who gave birth to me.  She spoke life into me each day.  She told me how beautiful I was, that I could do anything I wanted to do.  That I was strong and smart. She never let me think that anyone was better than me.  She is my strength, when I am weak because of her words. Each girl need a mom that will build her up and teach her these precious things.

My grandma  (my dad's mom), was a woman who took care of her home.  I would spend the night in her home.  Each time she would make dinner from scratch.  My favorite was applesauce with candy canes. Then it was bath time. To this day I still can remember the smell of her soap.  After bath we would sit together in the living room.  I would brush out her hair and we would watch the latest movie on Lifetime. In the morning she would make breakfast but then it was time to clean.  Our reward for a clean house was lunch at the mall.  I can remember sitting on the stairs of her basement watching her fold laundry, asking all kinds of questions about the laundry. I loved to dust her knick knacks. She was the one who taught me that clean is good, quick and easy if kept up with daily.

My grammie (my mom's mom) was a woman who are hard and stern.  Some would say that is no good.  But is was.  She taught respect and demanded it.  Years after her passing I still can hear her yelling at be not go into her purse without permission or not to talk that way to my mother (loud in front of everyone at the grocery store). She is the one that taught me family matters.  Each year she would take her vacation on our spring break. She came from Maine to Michigan to visit and when we moved to Florida she came there too. The distance didn't matter. only we did.  Until my brother graduated high school.  She was always there. Each Sunday night you know that phone would ring, it was her.  You would wait to tell her all about your week. we would write letters back and forth.  Even in to my high school years. When I moved to Massachusetts, she would take the time to come visit.  She tried to be there for the birth of our first child. To the end she loved her family.

God gave to me a spiritual mom, Sunnye at a young age. I never realized her true importance in my life until a few years ago.  She started my foundation in Christ.  She probably doesn't realize how much she impacted my life in the little time we had together.  She taught me who Jesus was, she brought me to church, and showed a Christ-like image of my savoir.  It's the first place that I jammed out to Christian music and worshiped without the care of anyone.

There is another woman that may not realize the importance he played in my life. My Aunt Lisa,   I cared for her two beautiful girls, while she worked hard and long to support her family.  Not only did she work outside of her home but she worked inside.  She was a cook, who made sure her family ate healthy, balanced meals. She made sure her home was clean and beautiful.  She was one of the women in my life who showed me how to care from my home and family.  The working woman is not a easy task but she made it look like it was so easy.

Next, came marriage and will marriage come a complete family.  I meet my husband's mom a month after we were married.  We were driving to my brother in law's graduation.  The ceremony was outside, and the sky was not looking favorable for the ceremony. She kept asking if it was raining, I would say no it's not even though we could see the droplets of water on the windshield as we drove to the school. From that moment on we connected. My husband and I moved from Florida to Massachusetts a few weeks later.  To a place she picked out.  Not many woman can love the home their mother in law picked out. I did!  As we settled in my husband's job had long hours.  She would come over after a long day of work, pick me up and bring me to dinner, the mall or back to her place.  After being cooped up in a house all day, in a new place she made me feel welcomed and loved.  On her days off she would pick me up for a day of shopping and running around town.  She threw me a baby shower with the ladies from her work and even invited my grandma that lived in Maine. As a new mom she showed me the ways to hold my son, care for him and love him.

As times change God continues to add moms to your life.  He knew I needed another spiritual mom in my life.  That connect came when we started to go to our church now. I yearned to know God more.  I brought our children into the nursery and then sat in the front row next to my mother in law (husband's step mom). Her wisdom was so deep.  I knew I need to become closer with her.  Over the past 9 years she has opened up to me, guided me, taught me so much.  How to be a worshiper at his feet, a prayer warrior in my home, a woman of God after his own heart.  Each time we gather for our special breakfast I learn so much.  She is my building block on my foundation.  I am thankful for the time she pours into me.

See you can't just have one mom.  One mom can't do it all.  Each one has it their own gift. What is your gift as a mom and how can you use it to mother others?

Happy Mother's Day!
Marjorie (MOM), Grandma, Grammie, Sunnye, Lisa, Sharon and Donna